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Open Solicitations

SFQ- 180104 Patrol Rifles
SFQ# 180104- Patrol Rifles.docx

RFB - 180089 Big Blue Deck Roofing, Gutters, and Misc. Repairs at DTW
180089 Blue Deck Misc Repairs 1-9-18.docx
180089 ATT A FOA.doc
180089 ATT B Gen Terms & Conditions.docx
180089 ATT D Price Form.xls
180089 ATT E Min Qls.docx
180089 ATT F Misc Forms.doc
180089 Att G1 - General Decision.doc
180089 Att G2 - WCAA Prevailing Wage Requirements.pdf
180089 Att G3 - Sample CP Template.xlsx
180089 Att I - Subcontractor Forms.pdf
180089 Att J - Vendor Response Submittal Procedures.pdf

RFB - 180227 Re-Bid McNamara Parking Deck Lighting - Phase 2
180227 Re-Bid McNamara Parking Deck Lighting Phase 2 Final.pdf
Att A Form of Agreement.pdf
Att B General Terms and Conditions.pdf
Att D_Price Form.xlsx
Att E Min Quals.pdf
Att F Misc Forms.pdf
Att G - Subcontractor Forms.pdf
Att H1 PW Instructions.pdf
Att H2 General Decision.pdf
Att H3 Sample CP Template.xlsx

SFQ- 180175 Flooring Materials
SFQ Flooring Materials.docx
SFQ 180175- Revised.docx
SFQ 180175- Addendum1.docx
SFQ 180175- Addendum2.docx
SFQ 180175- Addendum3.pdf

RFP - 180058 North Terminal Multi-Food & Beverage Concession Opportunities
NT Multi F&B_Final 10 26 17.docx
Att A - Airport Diagram.PDF
Att B_North Terminal Maps.pdf
Att E ACDBE Commitment Form.pdf
Att E FAA Joint Venture Guidance.pdf
Att E Sample ACDBE Monthly Participation Report.pdf
Att E Vendor Information Forms.pdf
Att F Form of Agreement.DOC
Att G Financial Statement Waiver Request.doc
Att H Sample ACORD Certificate.pdf
Att D Opportunity 1 Spaces 1-1 1-3 and 3-6 A & B.pdf
Att D Opportunity 2 Spaces 2-4 A & B 5-2 B and 5-3.pdf
Att D Opportunity 3 Spaces 2-1 3-3 A 5-1 and 6-1.pdf
Att D Opportunity 4 Spaces 3-2 B & C.pdf
Att D Opportunity 5 Spaces 3-5.pdf
Att D Opportunity 6 Spaces 4-3 A & B.pdf
180058 Addendum 1.docx
180058 Attachment I - Sample PW Reporting Template.xlsx
180058 Attachment I - WCAA Prevailing Wage General Decision.pdf
180058 Attachment I - WCAA Prevailing Wage Requirements.pdf
Revised Pages 29 of 76 and 76 of 76.docx
180058 Addendum 2.docx
Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign in Sheets.pdf
Slide 5 NT Outreach Presentation.pdf
structural bracing along column line 49.pdf
Revised Page 36 of Form of Agreement.docx
Revised Page 49 of 77.docx
Revised Page 53 of 77.docx
Revised Page 59 of 77.docx
Revised Page 70 of 77.docx
Revised Page 75 of 77.docx
Revised Page 77 of 77.docx

Closed Solicitiations