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Open Solicitations

SFQ 230350 Vehicle Lighting, Radio Parts, Repairs, and Installations
Vehicle Lighting Radio Parts Repairs and Installs 230350 FINAL.docx
Attachment A - Subcontractor Form 230350.pdf
Attachment A1 - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form 230350.pdf

RFB 230523 ARFF 100 Women's Locker Room Improvements
230523 - ARFF 100 Locker Room final RFB.docx
230523 Att A - Bid Form.pdf
230523 Att B - Subcontractor Forms.pdf
230523 Att C - Business Info Questionnaire.pdf
230523 Att D - Min Qual final.docx
230523 Att E - Price Form.xlsx
230523 Att F - Project Documents Declaration Form.pdf
230523 Att G - Document Security Agreement Sensitive Security Info Form.pdf
230523 Att H1 - Form of Agreement.docx
230523 Att H2 - General Terms and Conditions.docx
230523 Att J - Misc Forms.doc
230523 Att K1 - General Decision.docx
230523 Att K2 - Sample Excel Pervailing Wage Template.xlsx
230523 Att K3 - Prevailing Wage Instructions.pdf
230523 Att L SP-20 Security Requirements.pdf
230523 Att M - Safety Verification Form.pdf
230523 Att N - SP-10 WCAA_Safety_Standards(rev_Oct_2018).pdf
230523 Att O - Existing Site Photos 22_1022.pdf

SFQ #230251 Vehicle Towing and Related Services
SFQ #230251- Towing Services.pdf
Attachment A- FOA.docx
Attachment B- Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form 230251.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Form 230251.pdf
Addendum #1.pdf

RFB 230212 Overhead Crane & Fall Protection, Inspection, Service and Certification
230212 - Overhead Crane and Fall Protection Inspection Services FINAL.pdf
Attachment A - PKG A Form of Agreement 230212.pdf
Attachment A - PKG B Form of Agreement 230212.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form 230212.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Form 230212.pdf
Attachment C - 230212.pdf
Addendum 1 230212.pdf

RFP 230158 Managed Concession Service for Automated Retail
RFP #230158- Specialty Vending.pdf
Attachment A - McNamara Concession Map.pdf
Attachment B - Evans Concession Map.pdf
Attachment C_Sales Enplanements v2.xlsx
ATT D_Specialty Vending Opportunity.pdf
ATT E_LODs.pdf
ATT F- FOA.pdf
Attachment G- Schedule of Liquidated Damages.docx
ATT H_Market Basket Survey Benchmark_Pricing Form v2.xlsx
Attachment I - ACDBE Commitment Form.pdf
Attachment I - ACDBE Vendor Information & Summary Forms.pdf
Attachment I - JV Guidance.pdf
Attachment I - Sample ACDBE Monthly Participation Report (Concessionaire).pdf
Attachment J- Informational Vendor List.pdf
Att K Prevailing Wage Instructions.docx
Att K Prevailing Wage Sample Excel Template.xlsx
Attachment K - MI20220101 mod 8.docx
Addendum #1.pdf
Pre-Proposal Meeting Sign in Sheet.pdf
Revised ATT C_Sales Enplanements.xlsx

RFP 230089 Natural Gas Supplier
RFP #230089- Natural Gas.pdf
Attachment A- FOA.docx
Attachment B - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Form.pdf
Attachment C- Gas Consumption History.xlsx
Attachment D - Sample Gas Cost Analysis Report.pdf
Attachment D - Sample Natural Gas Report.pdf
Attachment D- Sample Deal Summary.xlsx
Attachment D- Sample Monthly Report.pdf
Attachment D- Sample Weekly Report.pdf
Addendum #1.pdf
Pre-Proposal Sign In Sheet.pdf
W-9 WCAA.pdf

XXXXXX November 2022 Outreach Materials
Concessions Presentation Distribution.pptx
General Procurement Overview Distribution.ppt
PD_C Presentation Distribution.pptx
Procurement BDU General Outreach Attendee List 11-2-2022.xlsx

Closed Solicitiations