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Open Solicitations

RFB 220719A Security System & Network Upgrades - Checkpoint 1 & Building 610
RFB #220719A- SSNU (REBID).pdf
220719A ATT A- Bid Form.pdf
Attachment [B] - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form.pdf
Attachment [B ] - Subcontractor Form.pdf
220719A ATT C- Business Information Questionnaire.pdf
220719A ATT D Min Quals.pdf
220719A ATT E Price Form.xlsx
220719A ATT F- Project Documents Declaration Form.pdf
220719 ATT H FOA.pdf
220719 ATT H General Terms & Conditions.pdf
220719A ATT J Misc Forms.pdf
220719A ATT K Prevailing Wage Instructions.pdf
220719A ATT K General Decision Number MI20220157 mod 4.pdf
220719A ATT K Prevailing Wage Sample Excel Template.xlsx

RFQ 220925 Bond Underwriting
RFQ 220925 Underwriter.docx
220925 Att B - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form.pdf
220925 Att B - Subcontractor Form.pdf

RFQ 220874 Vacant Land Development Project
220874 Attachment A - Letter of Intent - Middlebelt Road.pdf
220874 Attachment B Site Diagram.pdf
220874 RFQ for Vacant Land Development.pdf

RFI 220905 On-Site Primary Care Employee Health Clinic
220905 Health Care Services RFI.pdf

RFB 220720 Evans Terminal Trash Room 1196 Damage Repair
RFB 220720 - Evans Trash Room OH Door Repair FINAL.pdf
Attachment A - Form of Agreement 220720.pdf
Attachment B - General Terms & Conditions 220720.pdf
Attachment D - Price Form 220720.xlsx
Attachment E - Minimum Qualifications 220720.pdf
Attachment F - Misc. Construction Requirements & Forms 220720.pdf
Attachment G - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form.pdf
Attachment G - Subcontractor Form.pdf
Attachment H - Prevailing Wage Instructions 220720.pdf
Attachment H - Prevailing Wage Sample Excel Template.xlsx
Attachment H - General Decision Number 20220101 220720.pdf

RFB 220835 Construct Taxiway A at Willow Run Airport
220835 RFB Construct Twy A at YIP final.doc
220835 ATT B1 - DBE Program Overview & Forms.pdf
220835 ATT B2 - DBE Commitment Form.pdf
220835 ATT B3 - DBE Bidders List Collection Form.pdf
220835 ATT B4 - DBE Subcontractor Form.pdf
220835 ATT B5 - DBE Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form.pdf
220835 ATT D - Minimum Qualifications.docx
220835 ATT E - Price Form.xlsx
220835 ATT H - Buy American Certification Form.pdf
220835 ATT J - Misc Forms.pdf
220835 ATT K1 General Decision.pdf
220835 ATT K1a General Decision.pdf
220835 ATT K2 - Prevailing Wage Sample Excel Template Pkg B.xlsx
220835 ATT K3 - Prevailing Wage Instructions.pdf
220835 ATT L1 - Construction Services Agreement.pdf
220835 ATT L2 - General Provisions.pdf
220835 ATT L3 Supplemental Terms & Conditions.pdf
220835 Addendum 1.pdf
220835 Pre Bid Sign in Sheet.pdf
220825 pre-bid mtg slide presentation.pdf
220835 Plan Holders List 5 11 2022.pdf
220835 ATT E - Price Form_Addendum 01.xlsx

RFB 220703 McNamara Terminal Domestic Arrivals Level Bird Remediation
RFB 220703 - MAC Bird Remediation FINAL.pdf
Attachment A - Bid Form 220703.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Aknowledgement Form.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Form.pdf
Attachment C - Business Information Questionnaire 220703.pdf
Attachment D - Min Quals 220703.pdf
Attachment E - Price Form 220703.xls
Attachment F - Form of Agreement 220703.pdf
Attachment F - General Terms & Conditions 220703.pdf
Attachment H - Misc Forms 220703.pdf

RFB #220686 Maintenance & Related Services for Electrical Distribution Systems at DTW & YIP
RFB 220686 Maintenance Related Svcs for Electrical Distribution Systems FINAL.pdf
Attachment A - Form of Agreement 220686.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Form.pdf
Attachment C1-A - Package A Price Form 220686.pdf
Attachment C1-B - Package B Price Form 220686.pdf
Attachment C2-A - Package A Scenario Form 220686.pdf
Attachment C2-B - Package B Scenario Form 220686.pdf
Attachment D - Prevailing Wage Instructions 220686.pdf
Attachment D - General Decision Number MI20220101 220686.pdf
Attachment D - Prevailing Wage Sample Excel Template 220686.xlsx
Attachment I-1 Concrete 220686.pdf
Attachment I-2 Light Pole Base Detail 220686.pdf
Addendum 1 220686.pdf
Pre-Bid Attendance.pdf

RFQ 220384 Employee Rewards & Recognition Program
RFQ 220384 - Employee Rewards & Recognition FINAL.pdf
Attachment A - Form of Agreement 220384.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Acknowledgement Form 220384.pdf
Attachment B - Subcontractor Form 220384.pdf
Addendum 1 - 220384.pdf

Closed Solicitiations